Following through on your dream requires a balance of building and envisioning. Collective accountability supports your liberation.

This community gathers a collective of nature-based wellness and leadership practitioners committed to building the foundations of their social enterprise. The pillars of healing, justice, and nature as a mirror to our self-determination, cultivates fierce leadership and a business ethic distinct to the social entrepreneur.

The experience of creating change as a for-profit entity is a practice of self determination. Integrating awareness of systems that limit our impact while needing to still participate in those systems can be a place of tension and discouragement. Having a community to fiercely reimagine together and create practices aligned with the natural principles of balance and abundance ensures no more harm is done to our communities. Socially conscious enterprises can bring us back to our true nature of helping the greater good and requires a collective of passionate entrepreneurs collaborating and supporting each other. 

Join the Radical Nature Community Collective to give your personal mission a place to manifest and engage with your liberation.

The Collective Movement

Monthly Engagements include

  • Online learning & lectures
  • Peer "masterminding" community space with group coaching support
  • Wellness, manifestation, and abundance practices in community
  • Healing centered & practical tools to apply to business development

All live meetings occur on Tuesdays, 6pm - 7:30pm PT

Download the program calendar here

Collective Begins June 2024

membership is subscription-base

Monthly Content & Activities

Online course room content as well as live calls and videos will be brought to the community at the beginning of each month.

Think Tank & Masterminds

Utilize the power of each other by meeting with the members to engage with group coaching, led by Coach Raynelle. These opportunities are also times for resource and skill shares to supplement your growth and development

Virtual & In-Person Hikes

Tap into the power of nature to help you move forward with your true path. Access to monthly virtual hikes and discounted in-person healing hikes will help amplify your intuitive abilities and call in the support of your guides.

The Change Within You

Stepping into this journey will surely change who you are and how you navigate this world.

The Radical Nature Community Collective normalizes the challenges of developing healthier relationships to risk, money, and claiming your worth. Find the trailheads of your growth and healing in the safety of a community dedicated to your well-being as a social entrepreneur.

Shape your leadership as you create your practice and

  • find your true voice in the change you seek to make in your work
  • develop a natural rhythm and work flow that meets the needs of your transition to a full time practice
  • be supported in accomplishing the practical needs and requirements of launching an official business
  • collaborate with peers for inspiration and innovation
  • gain confidence and strengthen your passion, especially in the face of challenges as a solopreneur

Online Community Space

Peer support and sharing of resources and dialogue will be held in an online community space.

The Exchange