This course will guide leaders through an accountability framework that is restorative to personal and professional relationships. This holistic process deepens self-awareness with a more critical lens. The activities, reflections, and teachings challenge the cultural norm that accountability is too "risky" or "scary" a conversation to have.

Restorative accountability is a human-centered pathway that strengthens our capacities to heal through challenges in relationships rather than defaulting to shame, blame, or fleeing. With a dynamic course that includes wellness exercises and tools to cultivate communication skills, you'll build on self-awareness and compassion for yourself and others.

"What if we used 'accountability' for what it actually is?
A pathway to learn more about each other's edges and cultivate healthier relationships."

Reshape your understanding of accountability and embody restorative strategies by engaging with the workbook and this self-paced course. Fully integrate your learning experience with the workbook, Accountability As Restoration: From Healing a Punitive System to Co-Designing Restorative Dialogues, published in 2023 and created by nature-based leadership coach, Raynelle Rino, CPC.

*This workbook is required to fully participate

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Having a copy of the workbook as you take the course is essential for making the most of your learning and integration.

Key reflections, diagrams, examples, and stories can only be found in this workbook.

Video content, additional activities, tutorials, and recovery strategies are introduced in the course to support embodiment & integration.


For Leaders Seeking True Accountability

Whether you are a community-based leader, activist, manager or supervisor in the public and private sector, the topic of accountability continues to be the most elusive part of nurturing healthy relationships. It is the one critical aspect of relationships that can cause the derailment of a project, sever ties in relationships, or even create more harm than good. So how do we "do accountability differently"?

Leaders will be taken through a journey that

  • unpacks the term 'accountability' and its misuse
  • approaches a framework that is socially conscious and challenges the punitive norms of accountability
  • considers the conditions needed to successfully implement this framework into different relationships & circumstances
  • guides you through the creation of a new design of restorative dialogues so you can apply restorative strategies immediately

Participation is self-paced with opportunities to engage in community dialogues through message boards and video tutorials. Participants will be notified when opportunities to attend live community sessions with your coach, Raynelle.

Community Calls - Summer 2024


Thursday, July 11th 1pm - 3pm PT

Tuesday, July 16th. 10am - 12pm PT


Thursday, August 15th 1pm-3pm PT

Tuesday, August 20th 10am-12pm PT

Bonus Materials!

In addition to this five part course you'll have access to additional materials that will help you begin a practice of recovery from the traditional harms that punitive accountability has caused our bodies and our relationships.

Some of these bonus materials include:

Somatic Practices for Grounding

Steps to Develop Self Awareness

List of Resources & Wellness Practitioners to further your development

By the end of this course you'll...

Use Accountability Differently

Rather than a one-way pathway towards consequences or punishment, this course will unpack the misuse of the term and offer a holistic solution that includes the steps of recovery & repair in relationships.

Heal Relationships w/
Self & Others

When negative impacts derail you from cultivating healthy relationships, developing self-awareness can be a key step in making shifts in how you work with others.

Transform Community Dynamics

As you apply healing-centered strategies in this course we can see through a shift from toxic environments to a restored sense of who we are as leaders in our full power.

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Meet Your Coach

A long time Bay Area social sector professional, Raynelle began her career in the sciences as an ecology field researcher then moved onto grassroots environmental education and social justice organizing. Her love for nature and youth development brought her to teach in unique settings like alternative high schools, environmental justice neighborhoods, parks, and juvenile justice facilities. Her personal journey unfolded into a well-rounded and powerful pathway with the spiritual mentorship from elder Tereza Iniguez-Flores.

In 2016 Raynelle started Rino Consulting Solutions, a nature-based consulting firm that provides coaching and consulting services for professionals and other businesses. Its mission is to support and inspire the leaders of today to live in the confidence of their identities as they move through a world in the midst of social, racial, and environmental transformation. Raynelle is a certified professional coach through Leadership That Works. Her "Hike It Out Coaching" Programs blend her science, environmental justice, and spiritual connection to nature by providing "Healing Hikes", where clients increase their capacity to create change with the support and guidance of the nature experience.


Do I have to purchase the workbook to participate?
Purchasing a workbook is not enforced but is highly recommended. To engage fully with the course room content there may be figures, references, or reflections only available in the workbook. Please contact us if purchasing a workbook is not available to you (i.e., you live outside of the United States or cost is a barrier)

Will this class be recorded?
When there are live workshops available only permitted recordings will be uploaded.

When does the course start and finish?

Pre-enrollment is open until 6/17, then general enrollment begins & course room materials will release. It is self-paced so you get to start it whenever you like. You will be notified if and when live community sessions happen.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to this course until you unenroll. If course is deleted you will be notified at least 30 days before all content is deleted.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Are there any ways I can still participate if I can't afford any of the pricing options?

We are committed to providing access to all interested in this amazing opportunity. Since this course is considered a professional development service, we encourage you to first reach out to your employer to ask them to support you with PD funds. We also encourage you to reach out to your community and/or family to support your growth and development. Full or partial scholarships are only available by request and based on the amount available. Consider the lowest barrier ticket price of $75 before they run out!

What does “online” mean?

I utilize a few different tools to maintain communication with you. These tools may include direct email, emails via comments in your account, Google Calendar, Zoom, Jamboard, etc..All instructions will be in the courseroom.

Can I still participate if I live or work outside of the Bay Area?

Yes! You can apply the knowledge, experience and lens from this course to any personal or professional setting. I created this program so that no matter where you live or work this space is still made to support your growth and development in all aspects of your life and location.