Evolve into your true purpose by designing a personalized Think Tank gathering where your trusted and fierce community members can support you through the critical transitions in your life.

This creative lab space will walk you through the key components of designing an event that can catalyze you into the next version of yourself.

Do this in a community of socially conscious nature-loving leaders
and watch your true purpose emerge

Workshop #1 - Navigating Your Compass
July 6th, Thursday
4pm-5:30pm PT/ 7pm - 8:30pm ET
Group Session
July 13th, Thursday
4pm-5pm PT/ 7pm-8pm ET

Workshop #2 - Creating Your Vessel
July 20th, Thursday
4pm-5:30pm PT/ 7pm - 8:30pm ET
Group Session
July 27th, Thursday
4pm-5pm PT/ 7pm-8pm ET

Workshop #3 - Creating The Path(ways)
August 3rd, Thursday
4pm-5:30PM PT/ 7PM - 8:30PM ET
Group Session
August 10th, Thursday

Community Presentations
August 17th, Thursday 4pm-5:30pm PT/ 7pm - 8pm ET
August 24th, Thursday 4pm-5:30pm PT/7PM - 8PM ET

*40% of the proceeds generated from each enrollment will go to fund the Root To Bloom program, Season 5 Fall 2023
Sliding scale prices end on June 15th
Registration is open until the day of each workshop.

Traditionally, think tanks have gathered top industry experts and researchers from tech, corporate, and government industries to push ideas for new products, ideas, and have even led to laws that govern our economic policies.

In this think tank design lab, I’ll be guiding you through a process to design a think tank centered on supporting YOU and your true purpose and path in life.

When I turned 35 I was at a career crossroads

When I turned 35 I was at a career crossroads. My climb into non-profit leadership was tumultuous and downright traumatic. Emotionally I was drained and distraught about continuing on in my industry. With barely any resources except my personal and professional networks, someone proposed I host a think tank so I can ask my community what I should do next.
So, I turned my 35th birthday celebration into a think tank about me and my next career move.

This event is what helped shape what the next several years would be like, leading to the launch of my nature-based coaching and consulting firm in 2016. Knowing how pivotal and critical this gathering was for me, I’m here now offering you the same process and tools to support you in your path forward.

If you’re at your own career crossroads...

or need to call in your community for their expert support, join us in this design lab so we can help you create the blueprint of your own personal think tank in community with folks who have been through it or on the journey towards building a new future.

Whether you have a brilliant idea, project, or business you’ll be in a room of solid thought partners so you can feel more confident in walking fiercely onto your own path.

Gather with a small & intimate group of creatives, entrepreneurs, community providers, and wellness practitioners to design our futures together!
*40% of the proceeds generated from each enrollment will go to fund the Root To Bloom program, Season 5 Fall 2023

During this series of design labs I’ll guide you through the basic components of what makes a think tank effective.

Each design lab includes self-guided material, a live workshop session, and a live group coaching session.
Self guided preparation activities will be available in our course room a few days before the live workshop. After each workshop we follow up with an online community lab space so you can create your content within a supportive community. The unique needs of our cohort will be supported with real time group coaching support, story sharing, resourcing, and network sharing opportunities. 


What you'll receive from the full series:
  • 3 full workshops along with a community presentation day
  • 3 online group coaching sessions
  • a full digital workbook to support the creation of your blueprint
  • a complimentary private power coaching session to support follow through and customize your strategy

For more detailed info on each workshop, click workshop title

Design Lab 1 - Navigating the Compass
Take an objective look at what your career and personal life landscape is as you enter these design labs and
dream up where you want to go. The guidance of nature will help us navigate this landscape and create a specific intention to anchor you as we begin community building.

Design Lab 2 - Creating the Container/Vessel
Building the container of your think tank and what it will look like, feel like, and who the key players will be is a critical step in setting the tone and being clear about how your community can support you.

Design Lab 3 - Creating the Path(ways)
Getting down to the nitty gritty of your event can make all the difference in how this experience can shape you. This workshop will be key in getting the logistics aligned with your purpose and how your guests can walk with you on this journey to create the life’s path you were meant to be on.

Community Presentations
Get inspired, hear each other’s stories, refine, and prepare each other to roll out your think tanks! Our culminating gathering(s) will be a place to hear what we’ve each created and provide further support and effective feedback on our designs!

Full Series Package Prices
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*40% of the proceeds generated from each enrollment will go to fund the Root To Bloom program, Season 5 Fall 2023
Sliding scale prices end on June 15th
Registration is open until the day of each workshop.

Watch our IG Live video to find out more!

Still need more time or information about joining this design lab series? Watch this video to listen to the connections this design lab has to our Root To Bloom community of alums and how this series works to catalyze you into the next version of yourself!

00:35 - Intro RTB Co-Creators & Alum
03:58 - Isabela's story on her reckoning on releasing systems to pursue something greater
07:25 - Raynelle talks 'think tanking' her life and creating Hike It Out Coaching
15:14 - Kisai shares the gaps she saw in the healing world and creating Comm(UNITY)
17:30 - How RTB came to be
18:35 - How a Think Tank can affirm dreams and visions
21:45 - About the offering: Program Structure, Dates, & open to all virtually
26:18 - Be ready to take the risk
31:18 - Taking advantage of the experts in your network
34:40 - Lab descriptions + 1:1 coaching
39:35 - Shoutout to RTB beyond the bloom
42:10 - Closing Message

Meet Your Coach

A long time Bay Area social sector professional, Raynelle began her career in the sciences as an ecology field researcher then moved onto grassroots environmental education and social justice organizing. Her love for nature and youth development brought her to teach in unique settings like alternative high schools, environmental justice neighborhoods, parks, and juvenile justice facilities.

In 2016 Raynelle started Rino Consulting Solutions, a nature-based consulting firm that provides coaching and consulting services for professionals and other businesses. Its mission is to support and inspire the leaders of today to live in the confidence of their identities as they move through a world in the midst of social, racial, and environmental transformation. Raynelle is a certified professional coach through Leadership That Works. Her "Hike It Out Coaching" Programs blend her science, environmental justice, and spiritual connection to nature by providing "Healing Hikes", where clients increase their capacity to create change with the support and guidance of the nature experience. To read more about the healing hike experience, read this feature in Outside Magazine

Raynelle also sits on the board of award-winning non-profit magazine, High Country News and as a Healing Advisory Council member for Filipino Advocates for Justice(FAJ)

To read more about your coach click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an entrepreneur to join?
You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or have any curiosity about starting a business or idea. This workshop is relevant for anyone in the process of a career transition/transformation, feel stuck in their career paths or choices and are not sure if they are doing what they are called to do, have a new idea to pitch to their community, want to celebrate themselves in an intentional way with a supportive community, feel lost and need a supportive community to reflect what they might not see in themselves. The purpose of this design lab is for you to create an intentional space to gather information and inspiration for your next move!

When does the series course start and finish?
THIS SERIES WILL START on July 6th and end with presentations on August 17th & 24th. Our second day of presentations will be dependent on the number of participants.

How long do I have access to the course?
One year after the series ends.

What is "Self Guided Material"?
Every Monday before Thursday’s lab, a corresponding course will be uploaded to our online learning platform, Teachable. The online courses are self-guided and can be reviewed at your own pace and schedule. The courses include reading, reflection prompts, and worksheets that will be used in the following Thursday lab.

We recommend reviewing the course prior to the lab to optimize your experience in the session, but it is not required.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days after you purchase and we will give you a full refund.

Is this series only for BIPOC providers or inclusive of White identified providers as well?
This space is open to all community members and targets those within our respective networks, which often are BIPOC and other systemically marginalized groups. We aim to empower everyone with a series that will amplify the leadership in each person so that they can show up fully for their communities they work with. We tend to appeal to the BIPOC community and establish safe spaces for those in most need to heal through and process the impacts of colonization and white supremacy on themselves and those communities being served.

Are there any ways I can still participate if I can't afford any of the pricing options?
We are committed to serving all providers to have access to this amazing opportunity. We consider this series a professional development service, and encourage you to first reach out to your employers or colleagues for support. We also encourage you to reach out to your community and/or family to support your growth and development. 

What does “online” mean?
We utilize a few different technology tools to maintain communication with the cohort and facilitators along with sharing the training information. These tools include: direct email, Teachable (training material & program info), Google calendar, & Zoom.

Can I still participate if I am outside of the Bay Area?
Yes! This series is open to all in most time zones. We use Pacific Time (PT) and Eastern Time (ET) as points of reference on our schedule.